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So we won, and we just get some more studies? I was hoping they would paint the bike lanes green (or purple. Purple would be sweeet.)

Yeah, I'm kind of puzzled and underwhelmed by this too. DC is already moving ahead (slowly) with cycletracks and bike lanes.

From what I read on that website, it looks like the organization will offer a forum for cities to talk to each other (they can already do that) and offer to serve as an intermediary between the cities and USDOT. Why is an outside organization necessary to do this?

I guess the group will offer some grants for streetscape improvements but... not really that exciting.

More about the Green Lane Project.

I'm guessing they will work with the city on implementation of the L St cycle track and help publicize it to other cities.

One of the nice things about winning a project like this is that the consulting/money/expertise lended to the process would be wasted if we don't use it! Count me as among the hopeful -- this could provide the nudge that DC needs to make cycletracks better and more widespread. It would be embarrassing if we applied for assistance, were selected in a competition, and didn't do anything with it.

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