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The for-profit systems might "break-even" for the city. But giving up offsetting advertising concessions to one vendor, to whom you and your regional partners are locked into for long term, the city probably incurs an opportunity cost loss from not freely and competitively selling ad space on the market. Would at least partially offset the capital expenditures made for a public bikeshare system.

The shuttle carrier aircraft refuels in Houston when it's ferrying back from California.


The shuttle carrier aircraft refuels in Houston when it's ferrying back from California.

It always (or nearly always) stopped in Texas, but usually in Ft. Worth, El Paso, Amarillo or San Antonio (At one of the military installations). But never in Houston.

Earlier in the program, there were 747/shuttle landings at Ellington AFB just outside Houston proper. And there have been a number of fly-bys over the years, including directly over Johnson Space Center.

Do streets built and maintained for cars (mostly) make profits? Is only non-car transportation infrastructure supposed to be profitable, somehow? CaBi returns quite a bit of user revenue. That would put it way ahead of virtually all streets, non-toll roads, and sidewalks.

Doing some research, it appears that there have been about 5 landings at Ellington in the 70s, 80's and early 90's as well as a low-altitude flyover in 2008. Still that hardly means people in Houston are used to seeing Space Shuttles.

Big protests in London, Edinburgh and Rome on Saturday by cyclists hoping to draw attention to poor road safety.


That's how much was spent, but it wasn't lost. Not unless paying for BID garbage cans or new bridges represents money "lost."

This is an excellent point. The public boondoggle that is "garbage cans" doesn't get nearly enough exposure. Will these trash cans ever turn a profit, or are they just going to hang around the necks of decent taxpaying folks forever?

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