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I wonder what the Pennsylvania u-turning driver was ticketed with. Making a u-turn?

Have they got the PA Ave pylons that they removed last fall for snow removal (over the objections of those of us who actually use the lanes) back in yet? DDOT told me they would, but that was 6 weeks ago! Every pylon helps.

The fact that our legal system effectively writes off all the external consequences of unsafe driving as a burden to be shared socially, instead of borne by the unsafe driver, is bizarre. I wonder if they even pulled the drivers license during an investigation. Or if they did an investigation at all. Probably not.

wd, yes. Making an illegal u-turn. They aren't allowed on Penn.

But was the cyclist wearing a helmet? That's the only thing that matters.

I think there's a New Yorker cartoon in there.

As an aside, I never knew that bridge over Broad Branch had a name. I still think they made it up. I believe there's a naming opportunity here. In the spirit of the Sono Bono Park, of taking almost inconsequential public facilities and giving them the names of former Tinseltown celebrities with vague DC ties, I propose we name it the Sylvester Stallone bridge. He spent some of his teen years in a house less than a mile away.

A nasty (verbal) interaction with a cabbie making an illegal u-turn happens on at least 20% of all my Penn Ave bicycle trips.

And how could I forget Goldie Hawn? Ben Stein (forehead slap)?

I think the entire cast of St. Elmo's Fire deserves an honorable mention at least, as the first movie that portrayed DC as a real place to live, not just as a backdrop. Emilio Estevez riding his bike through the rain! It is to weep for.

Georgetown is real enough in the Exorcist, (and important enough to the plot to not be completely arbitrary)

Sandra Bullock grew up in Arlington. Maybe some sort of tie-in to the "Speed" movie? Shirley MacLaine and her brother Warren Beatty also attended school in Arlington. There's got to be a good bridge name in there somewhere.

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