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I haven't seen any progress on the Joyce St. improvement project (widening the sidewalks under 395). I hadn't realized that this was actually funded, but I'm glad to hear about it.

I can't find any details online, other than the award notice and a brief description. No project timeline or maps.

" A major concern by the BAC was the enforcement at crosswalks especially where there is no intersection. According to the Police this is a difficult situation since so many drivers tend to ignore these crosswalks."

Ladies and gentlemen, traffic enforcement in a nutshell.

Some drivers will slow down when they see pedestrians in a mid-block crosswalk (or jaywalking). But a few drivers will actually speed up, for no apparent purpose other than to menace the pedestrians! I've seen this happen multiple times.

This may not be place to complain, but Arlington is continuing with some bizzare bikeshare placements.

Bravo for the Uhle and 20th/veitch locations. Nice and off the road. But why keep putting the others ON the road. It is a hazard to the bikers and cars. I've used the new station at quinn and key twice now and I've almost been hit by cars making right turns.

Charlie, this post explains - in part - why they choose not to put them on sidewalks.


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