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I'd call this littering. A good citizen who came across this would toss it in a dumpster.

I did alert the Special Police officers (though they looked more like private security) just across the street... but their response was less than enticing.

In retrospect: I agree that I should've just kicked the sign out of my way... only for repeat offenders do I deem the sign to be public property and open to personal reuse.

For added irony points, note the "special" car which couldn't make it all the way to the curb.

this is for the valet parking at station 4 in Southwest on 4th st. I've kicked that out my way a couple times. It needs to get lost.

The bike lane their is a general mess but so is the car lane so at least we're equals.

I've complained about this very sign at Station 4 on 4th St SW before and nothing was done. Next time it's absolutely disappearing.

There was one of these in Georgetown (in the BL on 34th St somewhere around Volta) last week. Not sure if it was the same valet co though. I was wondering about the appropriate response. Th better angels of my nature have suggested that maybe the best thing would be to get the attention of one of the valets and ask them to move it. Merely kicking down their signs won't necessarily get the right message across.

A driver for U Street Parking struck me while making a u-turn across the Penn Ave lanes back in early March. (I'm sure the car's owner appreciated the scratches and dents from my bike). He was cited (not sure what for) and his manager apologized profusely, repeatedly saying "the important thing is that you're not hurt". Yeah, I'm so sure he really cared... They're definitely going to get a call from me about this one.

I apologize for the inconvenience and I will make sure that the valet sign will be set up in a safe area from now on. Thank you and I look forward to see you at Station4.

Station4 management.

Thank you, Station 4.

(And thanks to the folks that got in touch with Station 4.)

When I see sandwich board signs in the bike lane, I pick them up and throw them out of the way. Eventually they get it.

Samtidig, er utforming også svært nøytral, menn og kvinner er egnet for bruk. UGG gummistøvler og på en stil mønsteret er det samme, men bruk av den brune fargen er den viktigste fargen, mer vill.

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