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The intersection of Georgia and Forest Glen has only a moderate amount of foot and bicycle traffic, but it's incredibly dangerous. Auto traffic coming from the Beltway off-ramp and from the Beltway underpass has a tendency to start rapidly accelerating even as sight lines are only so-so.

I once came so close to getting nailed on my bike there by a red-light runner that people actually called an ambulance.

Maybe it only has a moderate amount of foot and bike traffic BECAUSE it's incredibly dangerous.

" A significant change includes the widening of the east side sidewalk span bridging over I‐66." Where -- on Lynn?

Doesn't VDOT get the call on bike lanes?

"This segment of the project will accommodate wider ADA‐compliant sidewalks, improved traffic signals, bike lanes, signage, lighting, landscaping, and the integration of public art."

ADA sidewalks? Waste. Traffic signals -- they should be done by Arlington anyway. Bike lanes are VDOT. Signage/lighting/landscaping/public art is another waste.

What would be nice is big cooling fountain in Gateway Park -- and removing the homeless people. I saw an entire campout right off the MTV entrace.

"[WC: Not sure why that wouldn't be 15th Street NW]"

There's something vaguely 'accidental' about the 15th street track, which is demonstrated by its poor surface condition and being somewhat over 'design' capacity.

Is MWCOG getting feedback that this has scored high, but just not high enough? Otherwise I don't quite see the point in applying with such a similar proposal yet again. The bike share component is unique, but otherwise doesn't really stand out from other multi-modal and bike/ped projects that have already been funded.

Great to see a desire for bike lockers at the VRE stops for Manassas Park and Manassas (Old Town), but I'm not so sure about Broad Run, the first/last stop, by the airport. The main and maybe only approaches to the airport are either via 234/Prince William Parkway, with 45-55 mph speed limits, and 28/Nokesville Road, which I believe is 45 mph. These are major car-commuter corridors and not something I'd want to face on a bike every day--although they widened and improved parts of Nokesville Rd. so I'll have to check next time I'm out there if the shoulders make sense.

The Army-Navy Drive cycletrack would be interesting. The sidewalk is substandard, for pedestrians or cyclists. However, it's pretty easy to travel from Crystal City to Joyce St. along other local roads, some of which have bike lanes already and which also have calmer automobile traffic.

I was intrigued to learn from the document that funding already seems to be in place for a bike/pedestrian improvement along Joyce St., between Army-Navy Drive and Columbia Pike. Construction on that facility is already scheduled for this year, although I haven't seen anything going on over there.

The sidewalk under 395 is in poor shape and there are pipe fixtures that jut out from the concrete structure, into the path of pedestrians or cyclists who may be using the southbound path. While cyclists can ride in the road, going northbound, there is a moderate climb and the cars speed by.

There's enough space to build a safer bike/pedestrian path under 395 so I'm glad to hear about this project. Any info available about this separate project? I searched on Google but didn't find much other than a few old news articles.

The gas station on Joyce has closed and there is some rubble on site, but no signs of new construction.

"The gas station on Joyce has closed and there is some rubble on site, but no signs of new construction."

From what I understand, the Cemetery's taking over all that land (including the Navy Annex; a lot of the tenants have vacated already)

@Wash: bollards don't provide for full separation...the pavement between the 15th St cycletrack and the vehicle lanes is flush. That's why the 15th St cycletrack isn't counted as "separated".

@Kolohe: this is the first I've heard of the cemetery taking over the Navy Annex. Where did you get that from?

But isn't the 15th street cycletrack separated by parked cars? That's pretty separated.

@Kolohe: this is the first I've heard of the cemetery taking over the Navy Annex. Where did you get that from?

The NEX uniform shop people just before they closed and moved over to Henderson Hall.

@Wash: it's not separated by a curb or other permanent divider. Parked cars and bollards are not permanent.

@Kolohe: I know they moved, but they didn't say anything to me about the cemetery taking over.

Yeah, but a parking space is.

You know as well as I that parking spaces can be moved/painted over.

And walls can be knocked down (see Berlin, Maginot). So nothing is really permanent. We are all but the wispy thought of a sigh that evaporates at the flutter of a butterfly's wing...or something.

But a parking space is pretty permanent.

I heard that Navy Annex was going to become cemetery land from Arlington staff at a Columbia Pike meeting last summer, but the deal was signed in 2008.

Southgate's a nice, if unnecessarily steep, bike route alternative to the Pike along there.

I think the non-separatedness of the 15th st cycletrack is demonstrated well by cars sometimes deciding to drive south through it to reach the next intersection when coming out of a parking garage around L or M street.

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