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I feel that bike commuters using the 15th street cycle track know they are supposed to use the pedestrian signals but make the choice not to. There are signs at every intersection, it's pretty clear.


Repaving! Thank you!

And nothing about dooring. Interesting.

"removing the gutter" - how is that possible? DDOT screwed up when measuring the lane and including the gutter space. Leaves and water collect there, making it unusable, plus the gutter often has a dangerous downward curve. Not to mention the number of times I've seen pedestrians blithely step into the lane without even looking.

So, pushing the whole lane out one foot (and repaving!) would be the best solution.

Or... would it be possible (or desirable) to raise the lane to the sidewalk level?

You'd have to regrade that side of the street and put a valley gutter between the cycletrack and the parking. Something to be done when repaving.

The cycling signal at 15th & Penn is clear, if we checked drivers' visual acuity often enough...

I also think cyclists know where they're supposed to stop, but chose not to. I had a woman pass me while I was stopped at a stop bar, this morning, she did it in such a way I said "you know we're supposed to stop back here, right?" she responded that, it's a crosswalk, it's no big deal. (granted, it may not be a "big deal" but it's the law...)

"it's a crosswalk, it's no big deal."

This is interesting. It suggests that, perhaps, when cyclists travel in a crosswalk they are more likely to proceed against the light than when not in a crosswalk and that the use of the pedestrian signal makes them act as though the are in a crosswalk (IIRC, the 15th street configuration has them next to the crosswalk).

My own experience is that I think of jaywalking as less of a big deal than running/Idaho-stopping a red light. I think this supports the idea of using bicycle-specific signals.

Flashing turn signals on 15th? As in, replace the current red/yellow/green solid arrows with flashing ones? That seems like a move in the wrong direction. Or am I misunderstanding?

As I understand it, the northbound green signal on 15th would also get a flashing yellow left-turn signal. That would indicate that those turning left on the green phase (as opposed to the green-arrow phase) should cautiously turn.

Actuating the left turns would also help. I've often stopped at red lights only to see that a green arrow was directing no one to turn left.

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