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Yes, that Google maps image shows the location of the replaced bridge. The rectangle of pavement on the left of this image is the north corner of the basketball court.

This bridge is definitely nice and a huge improvement. But 90% of the people using the trail (and probably 99% of cyclists) do not go this way. Perhaps it fits with some larger master plan for the EFC area. We'll see.


It's a pity, since the new bridge, and the old, cuts off 2-3 blocks off the trail. From the new bridge, just cross Sycamore on 19th and make the right after the metro parking lot and you are back on the W&OD.

I prefer to take the trail to the end at N. Van Buren St, and take that up to 19th Rd. N, then take the little spur to get back on the W&OD. Crossing N. Sycamore at grade worries me, with the I-66 access right there. Also that section of the W&OD by the Metro parking lot has a kind of a blind turn that i distrust.

It is a nice bridge, but it ends right at the W&OD pathway, so there will be lots of problems with fields of view and rights of way...

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