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I don't know if you already posted this, but apparently there were some theatrics and dramatics at a recent talk about the D.C. streetcar project on H Street NE. Capital Bikeshare was also discussed but it seems like those present weren't interested in listening to any of the presentations.


I haven't been following the D.C. streetcar plan too closely so I don't know how well they have been engaging the local community on the project. But it seems like talking and asking questions and writing to key people and organizations would be better than trying to shout people down (or even threatening them at the meeting).

Good news about the bollard replacement. Is there any news or information about the victim? I haven't seen anything since it happened.

Kudos to Arlington County's and/or the National Park Service's quick turnaround on replacing the bollard. Continuing evidence of the efficiency of the former and evidence of a new level of responsiveness of the latter.

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