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River Road Plaza - an exceptional example of a valuable county investment in cycling infrastructure - when the trail east of Connecticut Ave remains unpaved.


The bulk of the "investment" for the River Road Plaza will be coming from the CCCT and neighborhood private donors, and is not either/or to paving the trail elsewhere.

The CCCT has pressed for paving the Interim CCT east of Bethesda (and completing it into Silver Spring), but the cost to do so is an order of magnitude greater than the Plaza. The schedule to do so remains intertwined with the Purple Line plans.

You would think that not biking and texting would be a no brainer and that a sign asking people not to do this was unnecesaary. But every once in a while, especially in the bikes lanes, I'll encounter a cyclist slowed to 1 mph sort of weaving back and forth across the lane busily typing a text. I don't get it.

I saw people on the Wetlands Bridge 10 days before it open, moving their bikes around the barriers that were still in place. Pretty and practical, and I hope to use it this coming weekend.

The case against Floyd Landis shouldn't be difficult to make. He sought financial help from the general public to support his effort to fight the drug suspension. Then he later admitted that he doped, also publicly. I think he was hoping for immunity or a reduced penalty for testifying against Lance Armstrong.

But now that the Armstrong case has been dropped, Landis is out of luck. He made a real mess of his life. His story will not end well.

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