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"Logan Circle residents own more bikes than they do cars"

There are a number of BikeArlington regulars who own more bikes than they have toes. I'm not surprised this carries over to Logan Circle!

Re: DC BAC SEE committee meeting,

Perhaps an unintended consequence of emphasizing police interview all crash participants is that it may delay a victim receiving prompt medical treatment.

The other week a woman crossing the street below my apartment was nailed by a speeding car. I didn't see the accident but it was a very loud bang followed by her screaming and wailing.

Help was summoned and soon she was surrounded by firemen and paramedics. While they tended to her on the street police interviewed the driver and witnesses.

Within 30 minutes they had cleared the scene and everybody had departed *EXCEPT* the ambulance and 2 bicycle cops.

They stayed there for another 20 - 30 minutes. I believe one of the bicycle cops held the ambulance on the scene so that he could interview the victim and complete his report with a minimum of fuss for himself.

I'm working with my agency to get the bike commuter benefit, but it's hard work in the federal government to get policy written to coincide with a law. That said, the Department of State's bike commuter benefit went into effect today, I think.

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