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Today's losing acronym contest entry: HYSTARICLE. Homeowners Yelling Stop Trails And Ride In Communities Located Elsewhere.

Wherein WashCycle shares his vast knowledge of Georgetown South, one of the most crime-ridden areas in Manassas. It's been that way virtually all of the time I've lived out here. Years.

As noted by the Post story, if not by WashCycle:

Tsukalas said many residents are concerned about being directly connected with the Georgetown South community, which had three murders last year and other crime issues.

One murder two or three years ago was of a 15-year-old boy knifed in broad daylight.

There's usually all kinds of drug offenses and everything associated with that going on.

Even the "myth vs. reality" post at the linked advocacy site concedes that in a small percentage of cases major crimes were reported on the surveyed trails, going on to outline what makes for safer trails. It would be nice to know of this particular trail would follow those guidelines.

Of course, none of this made it into this post. The law-abiding residents of Georgetown South have every reason to try improving their situation, and Wellington has a right to defend its own safety.

Christopher, it is a long way from claiming that crime happens on a trail (which no one disputes) and that a trail moves crime into new neighborhoods which is what Tsukalas has claimed.

I don't have to know anything about Georgetown South to know that lack of a bike trail is not the only thing keeping them from raping and pillaging Wellington. If they're so concerned perhaps they need to wall Georgetown South off a.la. Escape from New York.

It was good to see that the trail was put back into the budget: "Last week, however, at a city budget work session, Wolfe voted to put the item back in the city’s capital budget."

You are--unsurprisingly--cavalier about the safety concerns of people you don't know. Worried about drugs, murder, what is wrong with you people? Because BIKE!


And you are--unsurprisingly--cavalier about the health, recreation and transportation concerns of people you don't know.

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