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Next step for the trolley trail in my opinion would be at the north end: improvements to the intersection of Greenbelt Road and Road Island Ave. At the least, a better ped/bike signal is needed for crossing the unsignaled Greenbelt Road, with better sidewalks and bike lanes in the whole area. That spur of Greenbelt Road between 193 and Route is vastly overbuilt and encourages speeds far too high. Lane diet would be appropriate, possibly with a landscaped median? to make that area less of a speedway and more of a viable commercial space. College Park?

re: NFL Jersey Crossways

Is that supposed to somehow compel people to buy something in some way? The world really is a strange and wonderful place...

I think that spam is designed to game Google's algorithms. By creating links back to some site, they get their site higher ranked. It's gotten much worse lately, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

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