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Saw Discovery and her little escort from my front yard in Wheaton at about 1030h. They were flying west, to the south of me; i'd estimate they were over the Beltway or Montgomery Hills. Had a pretty good view.

You will have to pry my helmet from my cold, dead noggin. I've always worn a helmet, and nothing really bad has ever happened to me. It's my most potent talisman yet, surpassing even the fossilized walrus penis and the medallions personally blessed by Mother Theresa.

Re: Crash test dummy:

"With bike share on its way to the two biggest cities in the United States, New York and Los Angeles, cycling safety will be an increasingly mainstream concern. For now, the biking dummy may just be a student project."

'Cuz a successful bike share program in D.C. isn't worth mentioning. Just the implication that a photo op is coming with Kim Kardashian on a LA Bike Share. That said, I'll remain a helmet wearer.

And I saw the space shuttle five times (in between buildings and laps). Wish I had my camera today. Some guy on a roof nearby had his tripod and zoom. Must have got some great shots. Coolest thing that happened to me today, honestly. Even cooler than being stopped on my bike by a presidential motorcade (that doesn't to people happen back home).

The bike crash test dummy and the helmet debate might be a good subject for the Mythbusters. They were in town just a few weeks ago and they'll be back again later this month.

I wear my helmet because of tree branches and other untrimmed crap hanging over the trail/street/path.
- Jack

The shuttle flew over North Capitol St, and a collegue of mine got some good video footage from the roof of a building.

I'm worried that if scientists are able to show that helmets are ineffective, that may cause helmet use to fall. And that will be unsafe!

Finally, a crash test dummy for bicyclists.

Video of the initial experiments:

The Space Shuttle flyover, like bike trails:
1. Attracts people, many of whom are criminals
2. Increases congestion on roads to viewing areas on the Mall
3. Creates a dangerous distraction to drivers
4. Ruins scenic viewshed
5. Impacts water quality and tree canopy (somehow)

Stop flyovers!

Dette ødelagte sko kan ingen ønsker å bruke den til å bære ubehagelig under føttene si øyne ser ubehagelig.

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