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What I didn't like in the linked story:

Seeing cyclists blow stop signs and ride with their hands off the handlebars really irks [Andy] Clarke [ president of the League of American Bicyclists]. “It doesn’t help our cause to be seen as scofflaws.”

Surely the president of the bike league knows that riding hands free isn't against the law -- and that there's a difference between what's illegal and what's annoying to others.

In DC, I believe that riding hands free is illegal. Not sure about Maryland.

What irks me are scofflaw drivers. Not everyone but a significant minority. Plenty of car drivers blow through stop signs, speed up to beat the red light, speed on local roads, and text while driving.

Some people get apoplectic over a scofflaw cyclist. (Admittedly there are more than a few.) But they will ignore the fact that just as many car drivers engage in dangerous and illegal behavior.

what DC law says is:
No person shall operate or ride a bicycle while carrying any package, bundle, or article which prevents the operator from keeping at least one hand on the handle bars.

You can ride hands free, you just can't be carrying anything.

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