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The Veitch and 20th (Bergmann's cleaners) has a proposal for an organic market and 10 story condo.

Really great news about the Key one; now you can take a easy shot down Key Blvd -- espcially from Ballston.

Google wins again!

"Sex SCANDAL NARROWS mayoral field"


dayglo, I give you a technical victory. Like sending Al Capone to prison for tax fraud.

Charlottesville is not in Cantor's district, it's just outside, and up until the last election, had Tom Perriello,a moderate democrat representative. Robert Hurt beat him in 2010 to win the seat for Republicans.

The NPS/Tourmobile scandal narrowed pretty quickly last year. I'm not sure why. Maybe it wasn't sexy enough to be an ongoing story. I guess it can't really be a scandal unless millions of dollars or prostitutes are involved.

There's also a bicycling postage stamp currently included in the 'green actions' stamp set of 20 - I found it at the post office in the Postal Museum.

apparently they also dropped a station on Scott and Key.

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