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Like has been discussed extensively on GGW and elsewhere, the time for discussing options for the 11st street bridge was *years* ago. It's not like this project came from out of the blue

Are Asians allowed to show up at the meeting? I only ask because CM Barry seems to be on a furious anti-Asian kick these days, from railing against Asian storekeepers in D.C. and now Filipino nurses. In his view, they have the audacity and misfortune not to be African-American.

go into any of the piece of shit c-stores on h street, eotr, or in any depressed area of dc, and explain why asians are running those stores, instead of any other ethnic group? (race, as usual, is not relevant). why is it that when i check into a low end hotel there are indians running the place?..

barry is a moron; but he has at least observed a pattern most politically correct liberals wouldnt touch with a ten foot pole...

i blow through stop signs and red lights on my bike and wave to police; black kids do that and theyre detained...

why are all the cab drivers immigrants? why are all the bus drivers and other service personnell black? but those working on k street are white?..

economic justice and social structuring is too complicated for washcycle, washcycle commentators and barry -- so none of you can claim the high (explanatory) ground. lay off barry -- dont be a bully or a coward. it's easy to pick on him because hes so incompetent.

it would be like picking on Washcycle who just had ANOTHER child?...in this day and age? with the dim prospects in the usa? why didnt he adopt?...why does he hate little black and brown babies that could use the help of him and his lawyer wife?...

there are no good answers to ANY of the above because these "choices" are all steeped in habitual behavior, engaging values that have been NEVER reflected on, in a historical and contextual vacuum. why are there 12 lanes on car traffic Penn Ave? why are there not a single street dedicated to just bikes or peds? why isnt there a SINGLE north south bike route through NW in DC?...

NONE OF THESE QUESTIONS HAVE ANSWERS!!!! such are the times we live in...

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