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Re: CaBi / Personal Bike comparison,

Yes both. My own bike for commuting because it is always safely secured.

CaBi for any errands about town. All those videos of people stealing bikes in broad daylight scare me.

I think the "Route 97 interchange" in that context is referring to the proposed interchange at Route 28, nothing to do with the Beltway. The Georgia Avenue interchange at the beltway already has a very nice bike/ped facility (thank the gods).

"Your best bet is to be properly fitted for a bike."


Its sad that the hit and run charge focused on "leaving the scene of a fatal accident" rather than the incident itself.


Sad yes. But time and again it's been demonstrated that killing someone by automobile is not a chargeable offense.

If she had stayed at the seen and wasn't drunk then what charges could have been file?

WTOP News Flash

Podiatrists recommend that to avoid foot problems, walkers should wear shoes that are the correct size for their feet.

The difference is that people can tell when their shoes don't fit. A lot of neophytes don't know what a bike should feel like, so if the fit is wrong, they just go on using it.

I've seen some people wearing shoes that clearly don't fit or are in rough shape (worn-down heels, lopsided heels).

Michael H, now i'm really confused about what your point is. I thought at first you were suggesting that telling people they should have properly fitting bicycles was redundant, by analogizing with shoes. But now you seem to be saying that it wouldn't even be redundant to tell people they should have properly fitting shoes. :^)

No particular point other than it's obvious to many (but not all) that proper bike and shoe fit is important, while many people may never understand this.

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