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It seemed to me like a welcome rally for the Ethiopian prime minister? Was odd, that's for sure.

The reduced size of the event at the Ronald Reagan Building resulted from the wider dispersion of pit stops throughout downtown.

While there is something to be said for having the mayor and various national officials address a large Bike to Work day rally, I think it's more fun to have fewer speakers so that you can catch up with people you know but have not seen for awhile. Between 7:45-8:45 I think I only heard one speech.

Bike to work day was wonderful. Huzzah to WABA and all the others who organized it. People were pleasant all around.

I even got two colleagues to ride to work - one for the first time ever. The first timer was so pleasantly surprised that I think we can tip into the ranks of "regular commuters."

10,000+ people on bikes is an awful lot of "nobody bikes"

One thing I left out. I was passed by a guy on a motorized bicycle on the way home. [He was riding illegally in the PA Ave bike lane] I'm proud to say that, even on my CaBi I was able to catch up to him about halfway up Capitol Hill - then he left me in the dust.

The Ethiopian protesters were at the Reagan Building when I came in, but the the lettuce ladies must've shown up after I rolled through between 715-730...although the one on the right kinda looks like the woman who gave me a BikeMS flier.

But I registered late and didn't get a T-Shirt :(

Great day. Nice turnout at NoMa pitstop, good booths...speeches by NoMa BID folks, Tommy Wells, ANC Commissioner....great event and even better weather for my commute to Old Town on MVT.

Fred: they were still giving out T-shirts at the Wilson Plaza pit stop at 9:15.

Wash: when in doubt, swing by Swing for coffee. Especially if it's on a Friday morning before 9am...a very #bikeDC thing to do these days.

Obama was scheduled to speak at the Ronald Reagan Building about food security for the G8, inviting along some Feed the Future country and other presidents for a panel discussion. One.org was protesting outside at Freedom Plaza at 6:45 when I was riding by.

I had 4 people who don't bike to work contact me to tell me that they participated in bike to work day. One had bike before, but a long time ago. Half missed the festivities because they didn't realize it only went to 9. (They really should include a time in the promotional material.)

We had a great turnout in Alexandria. Over 800 people at three pit stops instead of last year's 500 people at one pit stop. And with Market Square (aka City Hall) less crowded than usual it was easier to get to the tasty food (muffins and cookies). I think they has some healthy food too.

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