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The extraneous bollards on the W&OD East Falls Church bridge are gone.

what is this FHA ruling?

Great, Catalonia just went belly up.

Michigan senior prank brings attention that safely biking to that high school is basically impossible. Complete streets and Safe Routes to Schools could help.

Just want to pull this image out of the linked article. What a mess we've made of this country--here's the route to school:

(This bridge is the only way over a freeway on the way to Kenowa Hills High School. Image: Midwest Energy News/Google Street View)

The Safe Routes to School Program clearly needs to be expanded to include High Schools.

How about Safe Routes to... Anywhere? That would be nice.

That's like a scene out of Mad Max. I'd find that a bit intimidating myself.

Sweet! I recommend those signs to Wells and DDOT. Hope they make people who weren't otherwise aware of the potential problems with streetcar tracks aware of them.

Heck yeah a station (or two, or more) in Del Ray would be a good idea!

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