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There seems to be a conflict between cyclists and pedestrians built into the design.

I'm going to assume that I will continue to ride with the cars through this intersection.

Sounds like an extra-wide sidewalk is in the plans, sort of like the marked sidewalk on the west side of 2nd street NE. But that's fine for a lot of tourists, slower riders (though perhaps illegal, since's it's downtown core?). Moreover, it helps provide a visual cue line for how to get to the main trail entrance near the NY Ave metro station.

A question/commentary from a frequent user of 1st St NE next to Union Station:

What are the plans for between this trailhead and the stop sign just north down the hill between Union Station and the BLS? It's one-way uphill, and it's a mess during rush hours. But it's the only reasonable way to get from the Mall to the MBT. I'm pulling a Burley with a kid so I'm sensitive to bumps, and that stretch is very bumpy. When heading northbound in evening, I've tried to take N. Cap to G and turn right to avoid the bumpy hill, but at rush hour, there are lots of cars double-parked near the Post Office.

@jtedc: Have you tried 2nd St NE? That's my usual route. The 'trail' (wide sidewalk) may or may not be passable with a trailer. In the road, though, traffic has always been quiet for me (if congested).

Thanks Ron. I'll try that. Where would/do you cut west (to eventually get down to Madison Street on Mall)?

@jtedc: Ah, I think I misunderstood you.
I use 2nd St for going north, and I just use the semi-circle in front of Union Station to get to it.
It looks like it'd be tricky to take that route going south.

I don't have any tested southbound routes other than 1st street.

I hope they do something to address the number of pedestrians coming from Union Station and the metro there, or riding through that part won't make any sense for me. I'll hold my verdict until it's finished and I see how it connects to Columbus Circle...which is a nightmare to bike around right now. It's probably my least favorite part of town to ride through, but has such great potential if they could get a good system to pedestrians, bikes and motor vehicles can all share smoothly.

Rather, address how the pedestrians exit the metro station to head to their jobs. Not address them, such as displace them.

Something I've long thought of which would also address jtedc's concern: there's no reason why DDOT can't build/stripe a 2-way cycletrack on the east side of 1st St between Massachusetts and K Street...perhaps even up to M Street. This would replace the existing bike lanes north of G. And the resaon I suggest this is twofold: A) it's on the proper side to access the BikeStation at Union Station; B) aside from a few crosswalks and a freight access to the basement of Union Station, there are no impeding driveways or access points along the east side of 1st between Mass and K, which makes it the perfect place to put a cycletrack. It would also (eventually) be possible to tie into the MBT without cyclists ever having to cross or get into the traffic on 1st.

Froggie, that has been discussed and I think it is in the "to-do" bin.

Det er noen veldig lette joggesko yttersåle, slik er bare egnet for å kjøre på en tredemølle på seg.

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