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Coincidentally, I was also down at the 11th St Bridge on Saturday and noted the Jersey barrier and fencing along one side of the new local bridge...gotta wonder if that's where they'll have the bikes/peds go in the interim.

Yesterday crossing the Key Bridge on bike was a major obstacle course. Its one thing to try to let pedestrians know you are coming behind by ringing my bike bell (forget that) especially when earbuds or telephone talking while waliking on the left side is so endemic. How about some pedestrian education for pedestrians and tourists. It might be safer to just ride in the traffic lanes.

I saw the lettuce ladies in considerably warmer garb (albeit still plenty revealing) at the Santarchy event on the mall in December.

Wasn't it the Sex Pistols who said "Never mind the Bollards"?

SJE: thanks for the laugh. :^)

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