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Montgomery County, College Park and Baltimore City won state grants to implement bikesharing. Those projects can go forward after July 1st. Greenbelt, Prince George's, Howard County and the City of Frederick won grants for feasibility studies for bikesharing.

Looks like CaBi is on its way to Bethesda, Medical Center, Friendship Heights, Silver Spring, Takoma Park and College Park soon. The Montgomery Co. proposal has a timeline of fall/winter 2012. All of the stations should be in place by summer 2013.


"I kept trying to pitch a bike travel show to her in which I would travel around the world with a super model and we would ride bikes and then drink beer and they would pay me a lot of money to do that."

I like the cut of your jib.

Any idea when Pedal America will be on? WETA's site doesn't have any info.

Did you leave out a link for "another sensational story about the CaBi bike helmet study"?

I did. Thanks. It's been fixed.

Someone close to me just got in an accident on these H street streetcar tracks. This is a huge problem that I believe the city needs to be liable for. My friend now is up to his neck in medical bills - over $5000. Any recommendations on what to do?

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