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isn't the point of a bench warrant that the person won't be hunted down, but on their next interaction with law enforcement brought in and detained?

I agree with your suspicion, Wash. They have Diehl's phone number and address and the cops went and checked out car, and found a dent. How hard is it to call him to come over a for a chat?

Thanks also for linking to DCist rather than giving page views to Hunt.

Do the two million bike share users include the guy who robbed somebody and rode away on one? I wonder if he returned the bike.

Google bike directions found some choice routes for me that I didn't know about previously and which avoided some scary roads. And I know MoCo better than most people do. I think it's quite useful if you're careful about not blindly following what it tells you.

Until this story came out:

I didn't realize that Diehl was a retired MPD officer. That may explain a lot of the reluctance to prosecute him.

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