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As usual, I regret reading the comments on the NBC article about the cyclist being struck.

I also don't understand the question of right-of-way. As I understand it, both the cyclist and the Range Rover were travelling in the same direction.

Tara: I agree re the commenters. Yuck. Some people are just horrible.

I also have no idea about David's right of way comment. If someone fell of their bike and into the path of the SUV, I don't see it as a right of way issue.

To be clear, it wasn't my comment about the ROW, that was from the article. I'm just confused about how that is in question.

It's possible the cyclist hit a pothole. If the cyclist and SUV were both in the same lane travelling the same direction, then shouldn't the SUV be charged? It's no different than re-ending a vehicle in front of you; only in this case, with far more serious consequences.

Kathy, that's right. That's why I don't understand what MPD was trying to determine.

Sending best wished & hoping a fast recovery to Darryl, the cyclist struck today. Last I heard he was still in critical condition. Saw him just last week, really hoping he pulls through.

My earlier post should have said "rear-ending" no "re-ending."

My sincerest condolences to the cyclist and his family. I really hope he pulls through and has good health insurance.

I hope the MPD and legal system gets this one right whatever happened.

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