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For those with better things to do than read the Andrew Feguson article, here's the summary:

Andrew Ferguson hates young people, college graduates, college graduates with liberal arts degrees, happy hours, group houses, young people that go to parties, hooking up, bars, clubs, restaurants open past 8pm, restaurants that require reservations, cocktails, non-domestic beer, renovated houses, small businesses, organic food, people that don't smoke, people that go to the dentist, people that exercise, skinny people, people that eat vegetables, people with health insurance, people who are optimistic, people that don't own cars, people with jobs, Uber users, Metro, people that use Metro, bikeshare, bike lanes, Zipcar, people that haven't been foreclosed on, nose rings, Hill interns, elite universities, people that care about the environment, and irony.

Oh, and he thinks the government spends too much money.

MM, you forgot contractors. He hates them the most. The rest of his complaints are side-effects of the Contractor-Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.

Yeah, things were so much better in the 80s when people with jobs knew to live in the exurbs where they belonged.

Andrew Ferguson: "Get off my lawn!"

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