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It would be nice if any curb-shaped barrier used to separate bike from automobile facilities were sloped on the bike side. If it's got a vertical profile, it's easy for a cyclist to trip over it and fall into the traffic lane.

Lay off Charles Hurt. I started the day as a middle-aged, fashion-challenged, out-of-shape dad and finished as a metrosexual, solely because I ride bikeshare bikes. After a few more columns, I hope to be Brad Pitt.

Little known fact: Duryea was also an early manufacturer of bicycles as the Rouse-Duryea Bicycle Co., manufacturing Sylph bicycles. That company was probably one of the first manufacturers to put an emphasis on patent protection. See this link to the Smithsonian Institution Libraries and an early Sylph Bicycle catalogue (check page 4 for details on the patent emphasis and further their discussion about why this is helpful for their agents in protecting their continued business):


antibozo: If you look at the picture I took of the diagram of a typical section of the proposed 1st Street NE cycletrack, you'll see that the curbing is sloped (at least in that drawing).

Før, er UGG Australia den nyutnevnte Asia-Pacific-regionen viktigste sa i et eksklusivt intervju med Post reporteren, vil UGG akselerere tempoet opp butikk i Kina,

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