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Helmetheads rule! Among men, anyway.

Too bad the full text of the helmet study is behind a paywall.

There's an obvious potential problem: the abstract indicates that the assessment was made by video, and it's not clear how one distinguishes between professional riders and casual/recreational riders using that method. It could be that pros all wear helmets. Since the vast majority of pros are men, this would explain the gender bias.

Compelled to ask. Aside from bike messengers and pedicab ops what constitutes a 'professional' cyclist?

Women are more risk-averse than men, and so are more likely to wear a helmet for even a casual ride.

Riley, sorry if my terminology is too loose. How about cat-3 or lower? My point is that helmet wearing may correlate with race training, not necessarily with risk taking per se (tho that would presumably also correlate to some degree with racing).

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