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ZOMG socialism!!1!

Single speed step-through for $299. He may have just disrupted the US omafeits market!

(Seriously, if the bike is halfway decent build quality, that's a pretty good deal.)

A much better idea if they offer the bikes with 8-speed internal gear hub & front & rear hub breaks (basically like my bike) in order to keep them simple and robust.


We currently have on test pilot in the Toronto area testing a version with hub brakes. They could appear in future version. Unfortunately that does impact price significantly.


Dave - that is great to know: when I changed my 1973 Schwinn Racer to be my dream urban commute bike in 2000 there were really no extant alternatives. The commute is only 5 miles each way, mild hills, but the old 3-speed intervals were horrible (1 and 3 virtually useless). The hub brakes, while acknowledged are not good for stopping on a dime when running at 30mph etc.... are very good for commuting, The minimum of cleaning, oiling the chain and adding hub grease or brake grease rarely makes such a bike is truly Beater Buff! Look forward to seeing them around.


Those are nice, but cost between $200-$300 bucks for the hub alone. I think the point was to produce cheap "beater" bikes.

Sent them an e-mail. Bikes look ok,but really need a front brake of some sort for this area. Too many hills,too much traffic(car and ped). A simple sidepull wouldn't jack the price up bad,but would greatly increase safety.


Didn't mean to omit the obvious. Indeed they are more expensive up front (don't know about over time) so I would just suggest they offer as option upgrades.

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