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Re transportation enhancement funding and its critics, sure, I'd be more than OK with fewer visitor centers and flower pots being built. At least the bad bill is limited in duration. If the growth of bikeshare across the country, in cities large and small, helps to increase enthusiasm for freedom and choice in transportation design, then perhaps the next temporary or long-term transportation bill will be less focused on sustaining one single mode of transportation (i.e., automobiles).

I find it interesting for some critics of bike infrastructure funding to talk about freedom when single-focus transportation funding eliminates freedom for many people. When a transportation system is completely geared toward gasoline-powered automobiles, the government is enforcing a requirement to use automobiles. With unsafe roads, there simply isn't the option to use any other form of transportation, which is the case in many areas.

Fortunately D.C. and Arlington have a decent, if imperfect, bike network in place already.

As for cars, I can't help but think of one thing every time I see one. Well, I do think about how many people cars and car drivers kill every year and the pollution that is emitted by those vehicles. But I primarily think of cars as the means to provide massive multibillion dollar price supports and subsidies to the governments of Iran, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. That's just plain insane. Why is it All-American to be lining the pockets of Ahmadinejad or Hugo Chavez?

Doesn't sound very American or patriotic to me. I'd prefer not to be laying out tons of cash to prop up the price of the key product that keeps those governments in power. Gasoline use is a foreign policy issue with me. Too bad more people don't see it that way. Even if we opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, our massive petroleum consumption still props up the world price for petroleum and petroleum products.

The Constitution works like this:

Things I like and that benefit people like me are the critical responsibility of the federal government, and must in no way be curtailed, lest our very way of life be destroyed.

Things I do not like, and which I perceive may benefit someone unlike me are pernicious infringements on the Freedoms bestowed upon us by our Creator and the Founders.

re: Cavendish concentrating on the Olympics instead of TDF..

Ok, on the one hand, it's understandable that a sprinter like Cav might decide to write off the Tour in favor of the Olympics on his home turf, a cynic might say his decision was forced a bit by Sky leaving all of his lead-out support at home so they could maximize Wiggins' chances.

A TDF squad with a credible GC threat will rarely give a sprinter any support at all. So Cav understands any stage wins he notches this year will be poached...

hmm..washcycle tour de france fantasy team?

Does the ICC trail go from anywhere to anywhere? Or is it just a collection of unconnected dogwalks?

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