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Maybe the reverse rewards program is insufficiently rewarding to motivate. Glad that they tried it, tho.

It's seriously time for a cycletrack on M St. SE. It would really help bring together the disjointed bike infrastructure in SE WOTR and provide a much needed link to the SW Waterfront, which I think would help bring a lot more non-business-hours/weekend traffic to businesses in the area.

Lawyers have heart 10K is on tomorrow morning, and there will be a lot of runners on CCT between G'town and the reservoir between 730 and 830. Walkers 3K between G'town and Lincoln memorial.

Re: wrong-way cyclist hit: The article says, "The bicyclist, a 16-year-old girl, was going against the right of way and was struck by the marked police vehicle." That's kind of an oddly-worded sentence, and I'm not sure it means wrong-way riding. It could just mean that the cyclist did not have the right-of-way.

Good point NeilB, I still think they're referring to wrong-way cycling, but I'm not 100% confident of that.

I luv the cops, but they spend too much time looking down at their computers while driving.

Route 29 is an awful road (very high speed, many collisions even at signalized intersections), and there is not good connectivity between the neighborhoods off 29 to local amenities such as the Briggs Chaney shopping center. I have seen people walking and biking on the shoulders of 29 because there are no roads parallel to 29 (on the east side, at least) to get to the shopping center. Typical bass-ackwards suburban cul-de-sac nightmare.

when? when will ANY of this happen?



will there be ANY uses where cars are not privileged in Walter Reed?

you know the answers. america is a low level culture composed of morons and thjere can be little good that will happen until this changes...

the public hates bikes...

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