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Must be a lot of dyslexic drivers in the area. Many of them are driving closer to 51 mph than 15 mph.

The "Dismount Before Crossing" sign is illegal. There the NPS goes again, putting up signs that reflect the way they wish the law was rather than the way it actually is.

I don't think the "Dismount Before Crossing" sign is actually illegal, is it?. It's not a law and can't be enforced. On the other hand, I've seen a number of riders who should probably at least stop, if not dismount before crossing, so it cna be a good suggestion.

The speed limit is actually 15mph there? If they could get people to obey it they might not need a pedestrian overpass after all. Maybe they should install a speed camera?

Regardless of if there's an ordinance behind it (there isn't), that yellow dismount sign is technically a warning. It carries the same weight as a curve advisory speed. It is not enforceable.

When viewing this video, all I can think is what an excellent job the NPS has done stewarding our local parks. Heckuva Job, NPS! Good to see you've got your priorities straight.

Sorry, I posted before seeing the whole video. I missed the part where the rep for the NPS said they were going to fix the whole problem by putting up "more concise" signs.

Can't wait to see what those might be! (Thinking something along the lines of "Pedestrians Must Not Enter Crosswalk When Cars Are Present.")

As skeptical as I am toward progress there, at least it's finally getting some attention. I'm not Jim Moran's biggest fan by any stretch, but I am glad he understands that fixing the various crossings of MVT is important to the community. I often avoid going through here simply for this reason and it's a shame.

And when I think about it, I have never seen NPS officers enforcing this 15mph zone. They seem more preoccupited with writing citations for Metro-riding softballers or mixing it up with Pedicabbers. I need to go to one of these press conferences sometime to tell them how taxpayer's would prefer we don't waste time on those not endangering anyone.


Why is the Memorial Bridge SIX lanes across?

I know the answer...

The NPS and your average moron driver does not.

ONE of those damn lanes should be bikes only. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.


15 MPH sign is misleading. It is not for the road; it is for the trail

That's a very odd sign placement for the trail, if that is so. The 15 MPH sign can be seen in this streetview:


The speed limit for the road approaching the circle from the south is 25 MPH:


I'm sure most drivers go about 40, though.

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