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Great to see! My nine month pregnant wife and I bikeshared from the Nats game up to Eastern Market last night, in order to catch a cab, and while it's getting tougher for her to huff-and-puff her way up the hills, she said it was still an exhilirating ride!

I won't be impressed until she's biking to the hospital in labor.


That's a beautiful photo.

you go girl!

I have to admit I have nearly cut out biking now that I am pregnant - the Dr spooked me out of riding. I am an experienced city cycler, know what I'm doing, am very safe - but drivers are crazy and unpredictable. Let's face it, this isn't Copenhagen! I've been nervous about taking any unnecessary risks. Anyone have any tips or pep talks for me?

@kt -- my wife has definitely limited her exposure, safety-wise... mostly trails, or in last night's case, side streets.

@kt - I'm currently 6 months pregnant and continue to ride my Xtracycle, often with my two daughters as passengers. I limit my exposure, ride a bit slower and am willing to go out of my way to find a bike lane or side street, etc. But honestly my midwives have had the opposite reaction to your Dr - they've encouraged me to keep it up as long as I am comfortable doing so. Great exercise with minimal joint impact - perfect for the preggo lady.
I will admit to now starting to slow down a bit - am no longer doing to big ride from 14th and K NW to 2nd and Taylor NE everyday (did until about a week ago) - but I'm still good for less hilly/shorter rides around town. More a lung pressure problem than a balance problem, mainly because I have continued to ride the whole time (picking up a bike after a few months off would not be advisable - center of gravity issues).
All that said, though heavy, my bike is upright, I've got a wide comfy seat, and a step through frame. All of which helps...
What matters most is that YOU are comfortable...

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