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Actually it's not plywood, it's a couple of big metal plates. My bad.

I would still argue that it's unacceptably bad, but there have been a couple of slight improvements very recently. I'm pretty well done ranting about it now. My take is if they lay smooth pavement for a living, why do they do such a half-assed job for cyclists?

The bollards are particulary obnoxious though. I've been in touch with some folks from VDOT who informed me that they will "look at it" sometime this week and get back to me. I'm making the argument that NO bollards are needed on the actual MVT itself. A single one in the center may be a compromise if they are really, really concerned that a lack of bollards will pose an threat to trail users.

Prophylactic bollards are stupid.

I was pondering this while out on the W&OD...I can't remember a single bollard over the whole trail, and yet miraculously, there isn't an epidemic of cars driving on it.

Cars would never take the W&OD--too many stop signs.

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