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I saw the 'aftermath' of the U-turn crash. And saw 3 vehicles making U-turns as Secret Service looked on.

I'd love for some traffic cameras down there. Or more bollards or something.

It's hard to tell for sure from the photo on Twitter, because there's a helmet perfectly placed to block any view of a taxi roof placard, but the car pictured in the photo doesn't look like a taxi otherwise. Is it possible there were two separate incidents? The times on the tweets are quite different ("taxi" at 0605h vs "car" with pic at 1419h).

Someone else mentioned the same thing. It may very well be two crashes, with the second one involving an injury.

I don't think the vehicle in the 2:15 pm photo is a taxi - if it were a DC taxicab, it should have one of those round "I'm legal because I have a meter" stickers on the rear pillar.

Hincapie is riding his 17th Tour de France, which will be a record for him. He intends to finish the TdF, which can't be said about a lot of other riders, who are going to quit early to prepare for the Olympics.
As strong as Big George is, he probably can't do well at both events, so I think it makes sense.

It's not a taxi. Just two guys with Dallas Cowboys seat cushions who made an illegal u-turn in rush hour traffic on Friday, presumably to make a "left turn" on 14th.

My favorite part about almost being clobbered by drivers making illegal u-turns along the penn cycle track, is that they never stop the illegal u-turn and head straight. They'll slam on their brakes, get berated by me for doing something illegal and almost killing me in the process, and then once I'm done berating them and out of their way, they'll continue through the illegal turn.

UrbanEngineer, I did manage, once, to talk a driver out of finishing his illegal U-turn after I had bounced off his fender. I pointed out that he could make a legal left a quarter of a block ahead, then another after a quarter block, and he'd be headed where he wanted to be without breaking the law or adding more than a few seconds to his trip. Then I escorted him through it.

(No injury or damage. This was at night, at the east end of the Pa Ave lanes where the courthouse unofficial parking lot is, and "he didn't see me because of the van parked there".")

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