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I really don't get the "Flash Player Installation" bit.

What "Flash Player Installation bit"? Could you, for once, try not to be opaque in your comments.

When you go to the main page, the title (in the menu bar" says "Flash player Installation" at least in safari.

I just assumed it your daily sense of humor but I don't get it.

The main page of this blog? I don't see that, but then I use chrome. Does anyone else see that?

And are you saying that you don't see the web address? Why would you think that was a joke?

I just tried it on Chrome, it doesn't show, but defintely does in Safari.

Started when you did that embed Fox news flash a day or so ago. Cooties?

Um, it might tell you to install Flash player if you don't have Flash player, but not tell you to install Flash player if you already have Flash player.

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