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Well, knock me over with a feather. A cycling article in the sports section when it's not actually an American rider winning a stage of the TdF? WaPo couldn't even be bothered with Tour of California coverage.

Tejay, Andrew Talansky, and Joe Dombrowski (winner of the 2012 Baby Giro)each have great careers ahead of them if they can keep their heads on straight.

Generally I like the plans put forth for Columbia Pike but am disturbed by the photo showing pedestrians and cyclists sharing a widened sidewalk without any markings delineating ped/cyclist zones.

I really hope the County does not think it is appropriate to expect cyclists to be riding on sidewalks to get up and down the Pike. Put in proper bike lanes (outside of the door zone) or create proper trails please!

"A new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists over Four Mile Run connects the end of 9th Street South (a planned “bike boulevard”) with South Arlington Mill Drive to the west.

Seems kinda pointless unless they build something that's able to cross Doctor's Run and George Mason Drive more easily

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