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I remember bikes in the 1970's with anti-theft handlebars. And you see them a lot in Europe. They offer no protection against a thief with a car.

Shaft drive bicycles are even older, dating to the 1890's.

We already have plastic frames, although they're usually marketed as "carbon fiber." There's no specific innovation here, just the expectation that in the future materials will be invented that are better than the ones we have today.

I hope the rest of the article is better.

Those bollards are really obnoxious, since the trail is narrower around them and the pavement isn't in great shape. But I do have to say that this section of the MVT is one I can see cars somehow finding their way on to the trail. With all the office buildings and such, I wouldn't be surprised to see some jackass thinking it's a driveway. But concrete filled steel posts (is that what they are?) are totally unnecessary.

are we supposed to infer that Diehl wasn't aware of the two orange cones (someone borrowed his truck) or he didn't know what to make of the tape (didn't know he was taped and the consquent brouhaha). Sloppy writing.

I'm rather dismayed that Premium Rush, the movie, glamourizes really bad cyclist behavior. You know there will be copycats and this will not help our cause in the public eye.

More bollard crashes : http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/article/20120605/NEWS01/206050304/Another-cyclist-injured-after-bike-trail-barrier-crash

FHWA guidance: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/recreational_trails/guidance/accessibility_guidance/bollards_access.cfm

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