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Publius Publicola or whatever his real name may be is one of the GOP henchmen trying to perpetuate the myth of the taxpayer-wasting CaBi program.

I wish these guys had been on the job half as engaged when all the billions (rather trillions) of dollars in taxpayer money had been spent on non-productive tax cuts for the truly wealthy and for unnecessary wars and military equipment. But that might have been asking too much.

Actually it's the "Chevy Chase Lake" sector plan. Who knew Chevy Chase had a lake?

I was in Salt Lake last week -- they use the narrow green stripe down the center of the lane also. I like it. I think the East Coast Greenway should launch a fundraising campaign to tey to green stripe the route through cities (like DC).

Does anyone know when exactly the new Bikeshare stations in Alexandria will show up? They were promised for "this summer", but I have seen zero evidence of any movement here.

I don't know, but it's only been summer for like a week.

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