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Kudos to the Capitol Police for stopping the driver...but jeeziss, if I called the cops every time I was "almost" hit by a car, I'd run out of minutes on my phone. Also, is it illegal to "almost" hit someone. I mean, of course the driver probably broke the law in some way, but doesn't a cop have to witness said incident to take action if it's merely a moving violation? Makes me wonder if there's more to the story there, like road rage or something.

I couldn't agree with you more about the trees.

Just in case people might think WashCycle is putting words in my mouth :-) , here's the link to the post itself: http://www.jdland.com/dc/index.cfm/3717/11th-Street-Bridge-Demolition-Photos-Phase-2-Green-Light/

JD, what would be an even more important addition to the bike route you propose is covering the RR tracks just south of the soon-to-be orphan leg of 395 so that there could be access between 11th St and 17th street directly to the river. Something DDOT should negotiate into any deal with CSX

w, that's an excellent idea.

Similarly, you're not going to be able to get too many trees on the W&OD because of the Electric right of way.

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