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Is the "Flash Player Installation" thing a very subtle joke?

I'm seeing a lot of texting/phone/playing with something on a bike. MOre than once a day.

Sadly, I actually don't think texting while biking is that unusual. I see it fairly often downtown. Not a good idea

re: Open Plans bike navigation app:

While the more the merrier, there's a decent app for the iPhone called "Bike There" that leverages the Google API for bike directions.

I saw a guy texting or adjusting his iPod on K-St in traffic. I agree this is stupid and dangerous. I hope Kelly also backs bans on texting etc while driving, which is far more dangerous

what's funny is bike texting and bike naviagation on the same comment stream.

A section of the Custis Trail will be closed for three days for repaving.

I encountered this today (going outbound from DC). They had a Detour sign routing traffic into the Lyon Village shopping center, then there was no second sign pointing right on Lee Highway. So it was right back onto Custis and up the S-turns to the overpass.

I'm curious: do these guys get any training whatsoever? Because it seems like they've got no clue what they're doing, and no oversight.

what's funny is bike texting and bike navigation on the same comment stream.

you have a strange and impenetrable sense of humor.


"free bike map web and smartphone app"

Sigh. It's called Google Maps - and it already exists. Pissing away money.

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