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I actually "competed" against Evelyn Stevens in an event a few years ago. Well, it was a charity time trial event open to anyone, and she completely crushed my time. But my excuse was that I went down the wrong lane near the finish line and wasted almost a minute going back around the fences to cross the finish line properly. At least I can say that I'm one of the few people that got to do an individual bike time trial right down Pennsylvania Ave.

Anyway, congrats to her on making the Olympics. Good luck!

Anyone have a link to the schematics for the Greenbelt roundabout?

It looks like they left the turn ramps in place. If so, this installation is probably a net loss for cyclists.

This was not what I had in mind when I googled "bare bottoms."

More on Minnesota Avenue:


@Ron -- the head of the Greenbelt planning board assured me that even though the slip lanes remain, speeds should be lowered and sightlines better. We'll see.

re: Evelyn Stevens

It's not about the bike. Of course, it's not about the training or the desire either.

It's all about the genes.

Re: BeerBikes -- we took a Pedal Pub for a couple of hours in Minneapolis and St. Paul a few years ago, and it was great fun. They've since expanded to Chicago.

DC would actually be a great city for something like this, given the relatively flat downtown, and the high numbers of twenty- and thirty-somethings looking for fun.


You need the genes, but you gotta train hard and have the desire. Evie gave up a good Wall Street job and has worked hard to get where she is. Good article re her here: http://dartmouthalumnimagazine.com/breaking-away/

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