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I guess I'm ever the cynic, but a lot of it seemed like bike parking (something I think community groups could partner with the country to do easily). I did like the Army-Navy Drive bike lane, although I wonder if it's a cycletrack or simply painting they plan to install.

The Boundary Channel Drive Interchange project will attempt to include a connection on VDOT ROW "to the dead-end trail from the Humpback Bridge's southern underpass". Unfortunately, a trail bridge over the GWMP from the Long Bridge Park esplanade is not currently programmed.

Sadly, all the bike funding in the CIP could not mitigate the damage to bicycling on Columbia Pike due to the planned streetcar tracks.

One note about the Boundary Channel Drive interchange: it's primary intention is to reconfigure the ramps to/from I-395 at this location. The ramps in the "northwest quadrant" (closest to the Pentagon) will be eliminated entirely, with the "northeast quadrant" ramps (those closest to the channel) being reconfigured. Roundabouts will be built at the ramp terminals.

This project was one of those recommended as part of the 14th Street Bridge EIS studies. It would definitely be nice if it includes trail completion of the "tail" coming from the Humpback Bridge.

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