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I have a fix-it repair stand in the parking garage of my office in Loudoun Co. Very handy.

That is wonderful. It reminds me of the item Metro had at their College Park Station. Wish we had more of these around. My little handpump sucks relative to these.

Another reason to support our local bike shops!

What other businesses have pumps? e.g. coffee shops with a bike pump? Get a boost for you and your ride.

Revolution cycles in Crystal City (20th Street just off of Crystal Drive) keeps a pump outside their store (at least during working hours)

Lots(most?) of local shops have pumps out front. The public work stand seems like a good idea,but in this area you'd have to wonder how long it would take for the cables to be cut and the tools taken.

The NoMa BID has invested in a few of these. However, the other night the two I visited (NWC 1st & M and SEC 1st & K) were both broken.

Yep, they aren't very hardened. And if there are bikes on them they are hard to use. But then, I work to sell competitive products, albeit ones that are much more robust, and therefore, more expensive.

The problem is that there isn't good guidance out there on support facilities, and people buy stuff before they do thorough research and then ask questions (as you can imagine, I find this frustrating), once it is too late to do anything.

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