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How close together are the bollards and paint? The gap between the paint looks skinny enough I could hardly fit by bike between the lines.

I measured the bollard's clear spacing as 44 inches a couple of weeks ago

Do these violate the ADA? There is a requirement to allow for a standard wheelchair to fit within, Not sure these would work. If they are too narrow, and ADA challenge would bring them down quickly, since the County would not want a legal battle.

How about bike trailers?

I think trailers and wheelchairs fit, barely. What is difficult to understand is the fact that an entry to the path under the bridge near the river has only one bollard centered on the path. Go figure.

I don't understand the purpose of the white paint on the trail bit. It's not a road!

Anybody know why they put in a parking lot under the bridge to begin with?

Are these just to get bikers to slow down? Since cars are bigger and can cause more damage, how about bollards for them?

Shawn, it is to keep terrorists from blowing up the bridge by driving a truck bomb under it. Of course, the gate to the right is wide open.

Seriously, if someone wanted to blow up the bridge they can just carry whatever is needed from a vehicle parked nearby. Bollards aren't gonna stop anyone.

On a positive note, Jones Point Park is now officially open as of July 5 after being closed for almost 12 YEARS (!) due to the Wilson Bridge construction. The Mt. Vernon Trail now runs through the park and is very nice. The white stripes make it very easy for everyone to see where the trail is as it runs through the park.

In the end, it is a lot like putting lipstick on a pig. Does anyone really believe that commuters and other people who want to get into Old Town quickly are going to take the long way around Jones Park?

If they close the direct connection under the bridge, they might as well put in a cycletrack on Washington Street since it's going to be busy there...

Let's hope they will make a few improvements if they are unwilling to actually redo the design to work for the 750,000 users per year. Really, what a joke. Think what they would do if this were a street with such traffic.

The white stripe to the left is rather important. If anyone tries to ride to the left of the leftmost bollard in the photo, they will hit a curb and land in an area full of sharp rocks (no kidding--maybe it was designed by someone who hates "scofflaw cyclists"). VDOT promised to add something, like a plastic bollard, to block the path to the left of the leftmost bollard in the photo. I hope they fix this soon.

See also http://www.waba.org/blog/2012/07/sort-of-protecting-homeland-bicyclists-from-the-threat-of-bollards/

Yeah I don't understand this, to me it seems like they are in place to make riders go more slowly like mentioned before.

Another interesting bit about the new striping - if you continue straight (towards Jones Point), the path gets three lanes. The one on the far right is "Pedestrians Only."

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