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I don't see how that parking plan can be implemented without running afoul of the principle (if not the laws) surrounding equal protection.

Fairfax has some work to do on making Tysons Corner more bike-friendly. But I hope they go ahead with the bike infrastructure improvements as well as Capital Bikeshare in the coming years.

Better bikeways, CaBi and the new Metro Silver Line could help cut down on the number of short local car trips in the Tysons Corner area. It'll be interesting to see how it all works out.

I read the FONSI document on the new trail. Good news is that they plan to construct the bridge over the Anacostia as part of the first phase of the project. What's less clear is how useful the bridge will be as a transportation element. The document describes the bridge tying into the path that leads to "Holly Spring Rd" in the Arboretum. Currently the Arboretum is only open from 8:00 to 5:00, and the gate leading to the path by the river closes at 4:30. In addition, one cannot exit/enter the Arboretum at the old M St/Maryland Ave gate. A cyclist headed for downtown from the new trail would need to leave the Arboretum at R St and then head south on Bladensburg Rd.

The planning document discusses the benefits of the bridge in terms of recreational/community access to the Arboretum from the east side of the river. It makes no mention of the potential commuter route.

This bridge will be much more useful under one of the following scenarios:

1) The arboretum re-opens the M St gate (I am guessing it's been closed for several decades at least, given its appearance) and extends its hours, at least to something like 7:00a - 6:00p.

2) alternately, NPS could construct a bridge over the small tributary that separates the arboretum from Langston Golf Course, and then route a trail through the golf course along the tree line.

Maryland Ave leads to the starburst intersection (H/Benning/Bladensburg), and from there it would be relatively easy to use K St, which appears to be a popular route for cycling now in spite of having no designated bike lanes/sharrows, etc.

Regarding Fairfax County and Capital Bikeshare, we have at least one development project in Huntington that would be interested in a CaBi station should the county join the program. Would tie into the stations proposed in Eisenhower East/Carlyle in Alexandria with the two tied together via the new bike bridge at Telegraph Rd.

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