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Awful news. I think the attack took place on Four Mile Run Trail, not the W&OD. But it's not clear from this article or the ARLnow article. "Mile Marker 44" seems to indicate the W&OD. But FMRT is the more isolated and hidden of the two parallel trails.

In any case, I hope the attacker is caught soon. As for runners in the area, stay on the W&OD. That usually has more people than the FMRT. Run with a friend if possible. Self-defense classes might help, but I wouldn't rely on that completely.

With today's weather, I would choose the 4MR because of the shade. But then I am 6' guy, so I have less to fear from attackers.

"Mile 44" likely refers to the number on the post indicating where you are when calling 911. I don't know where that specific location is.

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