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I think so, if you check out the sign on eastbound Monroe Street at 9th Street (in front of Col. Brooks).

Thanks, I didn't go that direction on Monroe. So that explains it.

There are also signs in both directions (Calais, ME & Key West, FL) on Varnum near the border w/Mt. Rainier.

Do cyclists ride on Rt. 1 through the Florida Keys?

@Jack, based on my recollection from driving route 1 through the Keys last year, I think there is a sidepath at least part of the way that is used by cyclists. I saw a number of cyclists along that route, including some on the road.

(People hike it too - they start at Key West, pick up the Florida National Scenic Trail north of the Everglades, and then use a connecting route through Alabama to access the Appalachian Trail)

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