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University Blvd is on my lists of places I would not bike along. That road has a notorious record for pedestrian fatalities (albeit mostly folks not crossing at crosswalks). And the one blinking crosswalk sign at University and New Hampshire is never heeded by drivers.

The rest sounds great. I really hope they pursue. I'm not quite sure where they will find this extra space though without running into neighbors complaining about losing their on-street parking, but it would be wonderful to go through that area by bike without diverting to side streets.

I've always wondered when the entitlement to socialized on-street free parking in residential neighborhoods was enacted. Was it a federal law? Was there a vote? Did CBO do a cost estimate and state mandate analysis?

Nice plan, it seems a number of these improvements can be made at relatively low cost. Others will require large public investment. If you have ever been in this neighborhood the dynamic is certainly not very pedestrian/bicycle friendly.

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