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this solicitation is for kiosk advertising. Clear Channel was for bus shelters, a contract which I *think* is still in force.

Wondering how kiosk advertising might relate (or hopefully not) to outdoor advertising controls in the Federal Aid ROW, which DC has recently found itself running afoul of... http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/housingcomplex/2012/06/25/wayward-billboards-could-cost-the-city-15-million/

Finally, curious if those 'profitability' figures include gov't program managers and a CaBi portion of the godcgo marketing contract, or are just revenue over operating contract.

It looks like the triage strategy for the C&O Towpath and Capital Crescent Trail (From Fletchers Boat House) was to cut enough branches to make it possible to climb over fallen trees. I probably had to lift my bike over 10 trees. There is a huge tree down just past Fletcher's and the up and over is about 4 feet. It is a much more entertaining commute adventure than dealing with traffic lights that are still out.

Not really a spoiler (I think and hope) but how does a guy already have a Yellow Jersey on the first stage? The interwebz don't seem to have an explanation.

@kolohe - 1st stage is like 1st grade, there's also kindergarten/ prologue

Custis trail has been completely cleared.

MVT passable (lots of trees down but you can ride around them) to Tulane Drive. Then you get to the big tree across the path. Climbing skills needed. Clear from the tree to Alexandria Ave (Stone Bridge).

NE Branch trail has a couple trees completely blocking near Lake Artemesia, between where the Paint Branch trail splits off the and the bridge to the Indian Creek trail, but the detour on the Lake trail is easy. Looks like MNCPPC did lots of good work clearing the trail between Paint Branch Parkway and East-West.

Any tips on good places to watch TDF in DC?

Cycle Life in Georgetown usually has their TV tuned to TDF.

A know it ain't much, but the ~ mile of CC between Dorset Avenue & Bethesda Avenue was clear this morning (it's the only part of my commute that I get on a trial). On the road, while almost every (but not all) traffic lights in Bethesda was out I found it much easier since most (definitely not all) drivers did in fact treat them as four way stops - thus making turns much easier....

CCT is a mess
In the District Rock Creek is cleared on the road , but some big trees on the bike path.

CCT from Bethesda to Georgetown is passable, but only in a literal sense. It's not a very good ride. This may change soon too. North of the Dalecarlia Tunnel, several trees fell onto the power lines, snapping poles; the poles and trees both are completely overhanging the trail, held up only by the (surprisingly hefty) wires. I am sure that when crews move in to clean up this mess, they'll block the trail to all users.

I though Cycle Life had "Breaking Away" on perpetual loop.

The upper Rock Creek Trail has some very bad spots, particularly just south of the Parklawn Community Garden access road (just off of Veirs Mill). A group of massive fallen trees completely blocks the path on the hill, making it necessary to pick up or roll your bike and cut through the woods. It was sort of fun, but I only just made it to work on time.

Montgomery parks website posted that CCT is closed between mass Ave and dalecarlia tunnel while crews are working to repair downed trees and lines (I haven't ridden today so no firsthand knowledge). It says they will update the status on the site at 8pm.

MBT was clear between Brookland and M street, though there were two trees blocking half the trail near W St.

MoCo. Parks has contacted CCCT to urgently request trail users stay off closed CCT between Mass. Ave. and Dalecarlia Tunnel until repairs are finished. The section is very hazardous.

Wayne: it took MoCo a while to get the message out re CCT.

Thanks Darren, didn't realize there was a 'stage 0'

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